Do you have a picky eater?

Do you have a picky eater? I’m going on 7 years now of dealing with a child that refuses to try new foods and is so picky sometimes it’s hard to keep up! I’m talking one day he loves peanut butter and jelly the next won’t touch anything with jelly on it! If the chicken looks different he cries to not taste it!

Sure it’s easy to say “you get what you get and you don’t throw a fit” an old mantra in my house. But as a mom, you worry and sometimes even give in! Some days I become a short order cook just to please my son and honestly make my life a little less stressful! I have read article after article on how to break his picky habits, have him help prepare the food, only introduce one things at a time, variety, presentation… the list goes on and on! We have tried it all! This kid is stubborn.

But I am here to tell you Momma’s out there struggling like me! Sometimes you just can’t win! So what did I do… I finally gave up the fight! And you know what mealtimes are happy again, not a battle. Some days he even takes a bite or eats something unexpected and I feel that slight win, deep down! I have learned to sneak foods in and to offer a variety throughout the mealtimes always adding a fruit and veggie option! Some days he will eat a whole plate of broccoli and steak, other days just a bite, or a bowl of strawberries! But that’s fine with me because I know he is getting what he needs even if it doesn’t look like it at every meal!

So let them talk… do what you feel is right, even if that means making that child something special for dinner or centering the whole family menu around one thing you know they will eat! Being a mom and worrying about your child is hard enough without the judgement of what a picky eater your child is!  Throw your hands up and breathe! The sense of relief you will get and enjoying cooking and eating again are worth it!  One day will he come around? Who knows. But I am no longer worried about it. All I can do is model healthy eating habits and give healthy options and pray I am doing what’s best for my family!

You do what’s best for yours… no judgment here!


My sweet picky boy loves Mashed Sweet Potatoes, but won’t eat a Sweet Potato Fry if you paid him!

Monster Cookie Shakeo Balls

Monster Cookie Shakeology (Shakeo) Balls


1 Cup of Oats
1/2 Cup of Peanut Butter
1/4 Cup of Honey
1 Scoop (or Individual packet) of Vanilla Shakeology

Add Ins:

Chocolate Chips
Dried Fruit

Mix the base and desired add ins! Roll into a ball and enjoy! Store in fridge- if they last that long 😉

Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps (5 Minute Dinner!)

Buffalo Chicken Lettuce Wraps (5 Minute Dinner!)

Lettuce Wraps
Cooked Chicken
Buffalo Sauce (Frank Red Hot’s is my Fav!)
Carrots (Shredded or cut up)
Yogurt Blue Cheese Dressing (Found in the refrigerated section)

Toss the pre-cooked chicken in buffalo sauce
Place Chicken, Carrots and Dressing in Lettuce wrap and ENJOY!
Delicious Lunch or Dinner Ready in 5 Minutes!!

Buffalo Lettuce Wraps

Hello world!

Welcome to TFF, Total Family Fitness!!! Hi, My Name is Steph and My goal is to make you apart of the family! In doing so I want to not only share with you my life and health journey but also inspire and support you to achieve your goals!  We truly believe the way to success is having the family behind you! Support and motivation can lead to healthy habits and positive relationships! I hope you will join our family!

I will start with a little about myself!  I am Married to my number one fan, Justin and we are blessed to have two amazing kids! Our life is centered around what we like to call the 5 “F” words! Faith, Family, Fitness, Food, and Fun! These 5 “F’s” define what we love and the majority of what we do! We hope to use this family blog as a way to share the 5″F’s” with you!